Atlantia Product of the Month: Atlantia Pure Aloe Vera Gel

With the launch of our new website we are also launching a new monthly product feature. Our chosen product of the month will show off one of our most popular and loved products from our range and for June we’ve picked our Pure Aloe Vera Gel.

It does not get more natural than our original gel and there’s the added bonus that it is currently on special offer. For a limited time only our Pure Aloe Vera Gel is on special promotion and 200ml is available for just £6.50 (RRP £10.73).


Our natural Pure Aloe Vera Gel was eco-cultivated and contains no added water. It is designed for use all over the body and can refresh the skin and cool down any nasty sores or burns. It can help revitalise skin which is missing moisture and has dried out and it can also be used as a protective barrier for shaving.

100% Eco-Cultivated Aloe Vera

We are proud to sell 100% Aloe Vera which has been extracted with care from the filleted leaves of the plant. All of our Aloe Vera plants are organically grown and cultivated in the Canary Islands and the person touch and hand filleting process ensures the optimal conservation of every one of the benefits hidden within the structure of each Aloe Vera leaf.

Each of our 200ml Aloe Vera Gel products is packaged to last in an airless bottle which ensures that the pure gel is protected from contaminants in the air and all of the fantastic properties of the Aloe are completely preserved. Our bottles also ensure that product oxidation is impossible and as each bottle features an in-built doser, you can avoid any product waste.

Our Pure Aloe Vera Gel is designed to be gently massaged into the skin until fully absorbed and wherever it is used on your body you can be sure you will be fully rehydrated and your skin will benefit from the many benefits of Aloe.

Keeping our gel pure means you get even more benefits from the product and avoid any weakening in the properties that it can offer. Each time you massage the gel into your skin will benefit from:

• A wealth of minerals, amino acids and vitamin enrichment from vitamins A, B and C

• Soothing for any bites, sores or burns on the skin

• Deep and intense moisturising

• Skin regeneration

Our special promotion on our Pure Aloe Gel won’t last forever and we hope you take advantage of it this month.

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