There are many unpleasant side effects of radiotherapy and cancer treatment, and unfortunately sore and dry skin is one. Our pure aloe vera products can be extremely helpful in treating and soothing radiodermatitis and similar skin complaints and our Superderm was developed with patients undergoing radiotherapy in mind. Let’s explore the skin problems associated with radiotherapy before focusing on exactly how aloe vera products can help?

Skin problems and radiotherapy

Radiation therapy commonly known as radiotherapy is one of the most frequently used treatments for cancer. It is highly effective and can often be a key factor in curing someone’s cancer, it can also have some painful side effects and symptoms, including skin problems.

Radiation dermatitis or radiodermatitis is the most common skin-relate side effective of radiotherapy. It is the inflammation and sore irritation of the skin around the radiation field. Some patients may experience some gentle swelling, but it can be more severe and some experience blistering, peeling and even ulcers. Radiation ulcers can be very sore and often occur if you are having treatment in an area where the skin is thinner such as the breast or neck.

Other common skin problems related to radiotherapy include hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation refers to the darkening of the skin in the radiation field. It occurs as a result of increased melanin production in response to radiation exposure. Hypopigmentation is the opposite effect, where the skin lightens in the radiation field.

Aloe Vera Treatment Options

While aloe vera products are not a prescribed treatment for radiotherapy-related skin problems, they can really help to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Our Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a daily use product made from fully natural ingredients. It contains panthenol which enhances the natural healing properties of the aloe vera. It can moisturise, revive and bring nourishment to dry and cracked skin.

As already mentioned, our Superderm is a product designed with radiodermatitis in mind. It was specially developed for the RMH to meet the criteria necessary for patients undergoing radiotherapy. As an advanced moisturising cream it is formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. it contains no silicones or petroleum and is hypoallergenic, ensuring it is suitable for most skin types.

Specialists developed Superderm as a product especially for patients undergoing radiotherapy, to help treat and soothe the skin-related symptoms and side effects of the treatment.

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