Aloe Vera is one of nature’s most giving medicinal plants. It is part of the larger aloe species and is one of the most used plants in medicine, cosmetics and complementary therapies. Centuries of use have highlighted its many medicinal benefits and it is made up of more than 150 active ingredients. It offers well-known health benefits for the skin, hair and even internally, for the digestive system so this is why you should be using it, but how can you use it? Below we’re looking more closely at how you can use Aloe Vera gel.

Moisturising Cream

Natural Aloe Vera gel is ideal for dealing with oily or problem skin. It’s packed with hydrating and nourishing properties which allows it to gently hydrate and nourish your skin without soaking it or leaving it wet and still oily. It’s a great choice for summer time when oily skin is more common. You can even use it as your regular day cream too.

Soothing your Skin

Whether sun burnt, itchy or irritated, Aloe Vera gel can instantly soothe the pain. Even a few drops of gel will have an instant cooling effect. Additionally, the healing properties of the gel can even help to speed up the healing process and minimise scarring.

Firming Up and Lifting

Aloe Vera has been said to have anti-ageing properties too. This allows it to help lift and firm certain areas of the skin. Natural Aloe Vera gel is an effective lifting mask for the eyes and the face, helping to nourish dried out areas and smoothen wrinkles. It can also treat cellulite and stretch marks, with some reduction in scarring found for many people using this gel.

Hair Care

The idea of applying a sticky gel to your hair may seem a very bad idea. However, Aloe Vera gel can rejuvenate your hair and fix any irritation in your scalp. It can help to treat dandruff and excess sebum in the scalp. This in turn can help fend off hair loss. Aloe Vera gel revitalises the hair from the root to the tip and can even promote healthy hair growth.

Atlantia Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Atlantia produces and sells only 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel. Our gel can be used for all of the above applications and many more. Few natural products offer this level of versatility and it is a must-have for every medicine cupboard and cosmetics bag.


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