Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

Atlantia Aloe Vera is a supplier of high quality natural Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser products

Atlantia Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser Products

A hydrating waterless hand sanitiser that is like a gel, evaporates quickly and leaves the hands sanitised. Use as required.

Squeeze a small amount of product into the palm of your hands and massage gently.  Allow to dry by itself.


  • Curaloe Hand Sanitiser (50ml)
  • Curaloe Hand Sanitiser (100ml)
  • Curaloe Hand Sanitiser (250ml)
  • Curaloe Hand Sanitiser (500ml)

Atlantia Aloe Vera

Atlantia Aloe Vera is grown in the Canary Islands and benefits from the perfect climate for growth and cultivation. The gel we use in our products is extracted from gently hand filleted leaves, ensuring minimum intervention and as natural a possible as process in maintaining the natural properties of each leaf and its gel.

We don’t add anything unnatural or chemical to our products, and don’t even add water to our gels, ensuring you get only 100% Aloe Vera when you use our range, however you choose to use it.

Atlantia Aloe Vera Products

The Atlantia Aloe Vera product range offers a wide choice of cosmetic and hair products to suit many different people. Our core product range is based around our all natural pure Aloe Vera gel which is a must-have for all due to its many health benefits and dermatological properties. The high level of active ingredients within our gel and preservation of all Aloe properties ensures the product is as close to the growing plant as possible.

Our range also covers many other different areas and specialised products such as shampoo which has enhanced conditioning properties due to its Aloe Vera content. It benefits from a neutral pH and zero parabens, again ensuring your scalp is not at risk from harsh chemicals as you wash your hair.

Our skincare range offers a wider range of products which incorporates those for particular parts of the body and face such as the eyes. Our Aftershave Gel shows off the cooling and refreshing properties of fresh Aloe Vera while our other products are uniquely made to focus in solely on the area they’re designed to target, some benefiting from SPF protection too.

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