Aloe Vera Health Guide

If you are already using or have never used Aloe Vera products you should be asking some key questions about the Aloe Vera products that you use.  We’ve listed some key questions below…

Is the Aloe Vera used “organically grown”?

Is the Aloe Vera one hundred percent organic, not transgenic, and in it’s cultivation does it use synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and/ or fungicides?

Are the leaves harvested from the plants 4-5 years old – which allows for optimum strength?

In the manufacturing of the product you use, is the Pure Aloe Vera juice extracted directly from the leaves of the plant and not from concentrate?

When manufacturing the Aloe Vera you use, do they use a cold stabiliser – this ensures that the properties of aloe are not altered in the manufacturing process.

Are all the products Free of Parabens?

Are all the products Free Preservatives?

Do you know the aloeverosa concentration? – Atlantia  UK aloeverosa is of 2000mg/l. or over 2000mg/l.

If you would like to find out more about our Aloe Vera products then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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