Atlantia Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Atlantia Aloe Vera is the official Sales and Marketing organisation for Productos Naturales de Canarias SL(atlantia) for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Atlantia Pure Aloe Vera Gel

The Atlantia Pure Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from filleted leaves of Aloe Vera organically cultivated in the Canary Islands. Thanks to the ecological cultivation, to the meticulous hand filleting of the fresh leaves just harvested and the smooth production process, an optimal conservation of all the active principles present inside the leaf is obtained.

As the UK and Ireland’s supplier of renowned Atlantia Aloe Vera products, Atlantia UK Ltd truly believe in the enhanced quality of what we offer and how it can benefit the skin, health and wellness of all our customers. Working with the most natural products and ensuring as little interference as possible is necessary in the production process, allowing the natural benefits of the ingredients to be enjoyed by all of our customers.

All Aloe Vera products and additional products sold by Atlantia UK Ltd are made in accordance with European standard for cosmetic products. Our commitment and experience in the field of dermatological medicine further ensures the safety and quality of our range.

About our Aloe Vera Plants

Our Aloe Vera plant grow for up to five years before their leaves are harvested. At this point the plant has reached its optimal strength, in terms of its many health benefits. The leaves are collected, washed and the outer layers are gently removed to allow the gel to be reached.

Within the leaves the gelatinous pulp which holds the gel is extracted from the fillets (another name for the stripped back leaves). The fillets are the crushed, so any impurities and undesired elements can be removed from them and the gel can be safely stored.

Atlantia Aloe Vera health and wellness properties

Aloe Vera has a huge range of fantastic health and wellness properties including:

All-over hydration and rejuvenation of the skin: whether being used as an emergency cool-down soother after sunburn or simply to keep skin fresh and moisturised, pure Aloe Vera gel soothes and softens the skin naturally.

First aid from nature: Aloe Vera gel offers anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It can help speed up the healing process of cuts and sores and can even result in reduced scarring in some instances.

Soothes itches: dry, itchy and even allergy-irritated skin can be soothed by direct application of Aloe Vera gel.

High vitamin content: research shows Aloe Vera is rich in a range of valuable vitamins including A, C and E. It is also known to be high in amino acids and a range of health-boosting enzymes.

Cultivating and Extracting Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Atlantia UK Ltd supplies products from Atlantia Aloe Vera, where only the finest and naturally cultivated Aloe Vera is produced. Each Aloe Vera product produced by Atlantia uses their hand-filleted and eco-cultivated gel. All gel is extracted by their organically grown Aloe Vera plants, produced in the perfect climate in the Canary Islands.

The leaves are meticulously hand filleted ensuring the natural gel is extracted effectively without input from other products or chemicals. The gel is conserved to ensure all the active properties of each filleted leaf are retained, giving the gel the highest content of active ingredients possible.

Atlantia UK Ltd sells both Atlantia Pure Aloe Vera Gel on its own as well as many other products from the range, showing off the many benefits, qualities and applications of this product. Whether as an addition to an effective face cream or in a soothing aftershave product, pure Aloe Vera gel offers health and skin benefits which can be benefitted from every single day.

Other Atlantia Aloe Vera Products

As you explore our range of Aloe Vera products you will see the sheer variety and just what Aloe Vera can actually offer. Our product range is being developed constantly to ensure you have the widest access to high quality natural cosmetics showing the true benefit of pure Aloe Vera gel.

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